Trigger Point Performance Foot And Lower Leg Kit

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The Foot & Lower Leg Kit provides Performance Therapy products and instruction to restore and maintain a strong foundation. Learn how to compress and release the muscles of the lower leg and foot to reduce pain and improve movement.


The Trigger Point Performance Foot And Lower Leg Kit is just what you need if you are a runner, walker, cyclist, or you just want the benefits of a great massage in the comfort of your own home. This kit was designed to give you the tools you need to specifically massage and manipulate the muscles in the Lower leg and foot. The foot and lower leg kit is the package we recommend for anyone experiencing qaches and pains in the following areas: plantar fascia, heel, Achilles tendon, arch, calf, shins, soleus, metatarsals, etc.



-Kit contains: 2 massage balls, footballer, baller block, 2 DVDs
-Patented material mimics the feel of the human thumb, allowing you to massage nearly any part of the body safely and effectively on your own
-Patented material will not compress after repeated use
-Learn about the body’s biomechanical chain and causes of foot pain by watching the Foot and Lower Leg Biomechanical DVD
-Performance Foot and Lower Leg DVD includes a detailed how-to instructions lead by Trigger Point Performance founder Cassidy Phillips

Product Specifications
Height 5 inches
Length 9 inches
Weight 454 g
Width 9 inches
Dimension 22.23 x 13.97 x 23.5 cm; 453.59 g

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