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Create a strong foundation with the TRX XMount! Made of rugged steel, this durable, discreet mount allows you to easily create a rock-sold anchoring point for any TRX Signature Trainer. Measuring 4.5-inches in diameter, the plate attaches easily to walls, vertical studs or overhead beams to turn any place into your personal gym.



DURABLE AND DISCRETE: This durable, discrete mount includes a 4.5″ diameter plate made of rugged steel that attaches easily to walls, studs, or overhead beams to create a solid anchoring point for all TRX Training products. Includes two wood lag bolts.

SUPPORTS ALL TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER MODELS: Measuring just 4.5″ in diameter, this high quality steel plate easily attaches to any wall, vertical stud or secure overhead beam and supports all TRX Suspension Trainer models.

TURN ANY ROOM INTO A GYM: Have the perfect space for your TRX Suspension Trainer but no anchor point? The TRX Xmount is a solid, discrete solution.

Product Specifications
Diameter 4.5″
Material Steel
Two wood studs lag bolts 3/8″ x 3
Included Installation Guide


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