Trigger Point Total Body Kit w/ Guidebook And 2 Dvds

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The Total Body Kit provides Performance Therapy products and comprehensive instructions to understand and activate the TriggerPoint approach to achieve and maintain natural ease of movement. Understand how the body moves to quickly implement self care as part of a daily routine.


The Total Body Performance Kit features the most complete combination of Trigger Point’s self-massage tools and in-depth education. This kit includes in-depth materials that will guide you through understanding and implementing Trigger Point’s approach to total body health and movement.

Our two-disc DVD set and step-by-step guidebook are designed to help you achieve strong, elastic muscles safely and efficiently. Through understanding your body’s movement and the need for overall muscular health, you can quickly incorporate our highly effective deep tissue massage techniques into your regular routine. Discover the 12 areas of the body to focus on for healthy movement, as well as the exact massage approach needed to get the greatest rate of return in the least amount of time.



-Includes 2 Trigger Point Massage Balls, Trigger Point 2-Ball, Footballer, Quadballer, Baller Block, Total Body Guidebook, and Total Body DVD

-Myofascial release and deep tissue massage kit with tools and instructional support for targeted, self-applied massage to muscle groups of the entire body

-Recommended for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or is in need of the benefits of a massage on a daily basis

-Tools feature patented materials that mimic feel of the human thumb for safe and effective, self-applied massage; material will not compress after repeated use


Foot Baller, Baller Block, Quad Baller, 2 x Massage Balls, Book includes 12 manipulations, Dual DVD Set

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