PowerBlock PRO EXP


Increase your strength, hit muscle-building goals and achieve the mass you want with the PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 adjustable dumbbells with a weight range of 5lbs-50lbs (2.3kg – 22.7kg) per hand. Designed to help you make the most out of your strength training and weightlifting sessions, these easy-to-use, compact dumbbells with a heavy-duty construction and a space-efficient design can replace 16 pairs of dumbbells or 825lbs (374.2kg) of free weights. With an open handle design, they ensure a firm, yet comfortable hold, whereas a selector pin guarantees quick weight adjustment. The dumbbells offer two 2.5lbs (1.1kg) chrome weights per handle to micro-load weight adjustments. Plus, the set is expandable to 70lbs or 90lbs (31.7kg or 40.8kg) per hand.


Key Features
Weight Stacks
Urethane coated steel plates provide smooth and quiet performance.

The open draft of the interior surface maximizes the range of motion and increases ergonomics with the contoured rubber grip.

The ‘Auto-Lock’ lever on the handle is a simple way to make micro adjustments in 2.5 lbs. increments by removing two chrome ballast weights within the lower tubes. To remove the inner weights tilt the handle back so the weights don’t spill out, then pull the lever down. Carefully remove the inner weights and put them in the storage slots on the stand. Then drop the handle back in the weight stack to close the lever, or do it manually. To add the weights back into the handle reverse the process.

Side Rails
The color bands on the rails correspond with the weight chart on the handle to show what will be selected.

Selector Pin
This is how the magic happens! Adjust weights quickly to keep workouts flowing by using the pin to select different rails. For example, moving the pin to the bottom selects all the weight plates. The pin is super strong polypropylene and rated for a 500lbs. max load. Magnets inside the pin hold it securely once inserted completely.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 175 × 86 × 160 cm

Power Block


Home Use


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