Escape Fitness Ultraflex Massage Hard Roller

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The choice is yours with the Escape Fitness Ultraflex Roller. Choose from Soft (Purple) or Hard (Green) options to best suit your needs, with both models offering an effective massage that keeps limbs supple, pain-free and ready to go. Made out of tough urethane, the Ultraflex Roller is long lasting and won’t bend, sag or smell over time, making this attention-grabbing roller an essential piece for any athlete looking to make the most of their foam rolling experience.



-2 choices of firmness for a perfect match
-Lightweight and easy to transport
-Textured surface for the sensation of a real massage
-Super tough and durable
-Hygienic, dirt-resistant, wipe-clean surface
-Eye-catching and inviting design
-Ideal for balance training as well as massage
-Perfectly proportioned for comfort and longevity

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Ultraflex Roller?

Hard Athletes: Hardcore massage for hardcore athletes, the Ultraflex Hard Roller provides a firmer touch that penetrates deeper into the muscles for a more vigorous massage.

Soften Up
: Ease into the world of rolling with the Ultraflex Soft Roller, just as durable, equally as effective, but a little less punishing on inexperienced muscles, the soft roller is an invigorating, non-intimidating way to start your roller training journey.

Beginners and Pros
: With two options to help you find your perfect match, opt for soft to be eased into the world of foam rolling or choose hard to really get your deep muscle pain managed. Both made to support a wide range of applications, Ultraflex wants to bring rolling to the masses, with a user-friendly design and build that is sure to make a convert of you.

Balancing Act: Get the perfect blend of work-out and warm-down by incorporating a roller into your routine as part of balance training. With studies suggesting that balance can improve within mere weeks with a roller, there is more than one way to make great use of the Ultraflex.

Clubs and Gyms: Extremely hygienic thanks to its tough, durable and non-porous material, the Ultraflex Roller is resistant to dirt and easy to wipe down. With a bright, lightweight and inviting design that makes this an incredibly inclusive exercise tool, the option to select firmness boosts the benefits of this all-round roller.

Product Specifications
Size Length 457mm x Diameter 149mm
Material Urethane
Color Green

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