Trigger Point Performance Therapy For Hip And Lower Back Dvd

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This 60-minute DVD from Trigger Point Performance instructs viewers on simple self-massage therapy that can be performed at home to reduce aches and pains and improve mobility in the hip and lower back area. Trigger Point Performance founder Cassidy Phillips presents easy-to-understand concepts that can help explain the sources of back pain. You’ll learn how to treat your back discomfort with Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) that are designed to target the soleus, soleus-calf junction, quads, inner quad, psoas and piriformis. The therapy outlined in this DVD requires the use of Trigger Point Performance self-massage tools, including a Baller Block, Footballer, Massage Balls (2) and Quadballer (sold separately). This therapy has helped relieve muscular aches and pains for people from all backgrounds and fitness levels.



-Home-based practical therapy for self-massage.
-Step-by-step instructions for performing MCT programming.
-Follow along with a Trigger Point class session.
-Features Trigger Point Performance founder Cassidy Phillips.
-60-minute run time.

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